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About Tunisia

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About Tunisia

Mesaj  Admin la data de Joi Mai 19, 2011 2:35 pm

Just two and a half hours flying time from the UK, Tunisia is a small North African Country in the heart of the Mediterranean which is blessed with a stunning coastline, gorgeous sandy beaches, an abundance of historical sites and the magic of the Sahara desert. Whether you choose to simply relax, visit the sites, enjoy watersports, play golf, tennis and bowls Tunisia is a year round holiday destination with something for everyone. A mix of African, Arabic and French cultures ensure you are in for a real treat……and the natives are friendly and welcoming. Make Tunisia the holiday of your dreams this year and travel to one of the best value destinations in the Mediterranean…you won’t regret it.
Just 77 miles south-west of Sicily is Tunisia. A country which, by reputation, is more Mediterranean than African. The climate is mild, the trees always green and the oranges ripen in sunshine throughout the year. Golden sandy beaches stretch for some 800 miles along Tunisia's Mediterranean coastline. The food which has a distinctly French influence is mixed with typical Tunisian specialities like Koucha Fil Kolla, fresh lamb sprinkled with rosemary and spices and baked in a clay pot. Locally produced wine is even grudgingly admired by the French.
If history is your scene then take in one of 250 historic sites left behind by the Romans who occupied the country for 600 years. The Coliseum at El Djem is considered better preserved than the one in Rome and at Dougga or Sbeitla you can wander among villas, temples and amphitheatres surrounded by wild flowers and olive trees. Before the Romans Tunisia was the birthplace of the Carthaginian Empire that included Spain. From there, Hannibal set out across the Alps with 59,000 men and 40 elephants to crush the Romans in an epic campaign. Unfortunately Rome took revenge in 149 BC, when Scipio left the city of Carthage in ruins, but the site is still worth a visit today. There are stories that Tunisia's first tourist was Ulysses, who apparently could not bear to leave the island of Djerba and of Queen Dido and her love for Aeneas. For 70 years before independence Tunisia was a French protectorate and this influence gave the country's capital Tunis its typical cosmopolitan feel.

It may be but a slim wedge of North Africa’s vast horizontal expanse, but Tunisia has enough history and diverse natural beauty to pack a country many times its size. With a balmy, sand-fringed Mediterranean coast, scented with jasmine and sea breezes, and where the fish on your plate is always fresh, Tunisia is prime territory for a straightforward sun-sand-and-sea holiday. But beyond the beaches, it’s a thrilling, underrated destination where distinct cultures and incredible extremes of landscape can be explored in just a few days. Tunis is refashioning itself as an ambitiously modern Arab capital, though both its long Ottoman and not-so-distant colonial past still have a powerful, palpable presence. In the north, lakes teem with pink flamingos, surprising deep-green forests rise up from the coast, and gently rolling plains are dotted with olive and citrus trees. To the south, the ever-enchanting sands of the Sahara stretch deep into Africa and the traditions of the indigenous Berbers persevere.

Tourism plays a huge part in the economy but Tunisians are surprised, and charmed, by independent travellers. Although around 7 million tourists arrive each year, unless you’re holed up in an all-inclusive hotel in Hammamet, Sousse or Jerba in July, you’re probably going to wonder where the 6,999,995 or so others are. While there’s precious little that caters specifically for those staying outside resorts, that doesn’t mean that travel isn’t easy here. You’ll discover atmospheric hotels that are pure colonial swansongs, cafes and restaurants where you can gorge on Maghrebi favourites, plates of homemade pasta or perfect pastries for a fraction of the price of those in Italy or France, and often have the unbeatable historical thrill of kicking around a stunning ancient site with just you and the ghosts. The country’s public transport is cheap and reliable. Plus there are new breeds of hoteliers, restaurateurs and shopkeepers who have taken their cues from the high-end offerings of Morocco and are creating an increasing number of stylish, atmospheric alternatives to the chain monoliths and tourist souqs – but in true Tunisian style they’re both a tad more laid-back and more affordable. North Africa’s most relaxed and hospitable country just might turn out to be its most interesting.


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